2018-03-16 17:10:00

Wanhua Chemical Introduces Water-based Adhesive for 3D Lamination- Adwel® 1633C

Exterior doors come in a wide variety of types and have become the most common item that people simply cannot live without. However, it is not an easy task to pick out a satisfactory and high-quality door. The quality and service life of a door depend on its material.
Adwel® 1633C——
High-performance water-based adhesive for 3D Lamination 
► Adwel® 1633C is a PUD product which applies to thermally activated PUD adhesives. It features remarkable bonding strength and heat resistance which meets the demanding performance of 3D lamination.
► Advantages of Adwel® 1633C: outstanding bonding strength.
► 3D Lamination Process: Attaching PVC film to sprayed fiberboard by vacuuming and get decorative effects. This simple and cost-effective process is widely applied in the manufacture of PVC wood doors, sliding doors and cupboard doors.

Door ornaments become both environment-friendly and decent-looking when using PUD Adwel®1633C.

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