2018-05-04 17:12:00

Wanhua Chemical to Showcase at NPE2018 in USA

Wanhua Chemical (Booth No. S14167), one of the biggest TPU supplier in the world, will focus on innovative WANTHANE® TPU products, CLARNATE® PC & WanBlend® PC BLENDS, ACRYPLASTM PMMA, PP compounding, and 3D printing materials at the NPE•2018, during May 7-11, 2018 at Orlando, FL, US.
At this fair, Wanhua Chemical will be highlighting the following product series
1. WANTHANE® TPU solutions for applications of industry & engineering, wire & cable, sports & leisure, make the world a better place. 
2. CLARNATE® PC & WanBlend® PC  product series, including PC resin and PC compounding, could be widely used in automotive, electronics & electrical, home appliances, etc.     
3. ACRYPLASTM PMMA product series, including PMMA resin and PMMA compounding, could be widely used in automotive and optical industries.
4. PP compounding series, based on Wanhua Chemical high performance material research platform, provide more choices for automotive and home appliances.
5. WANFABTM 3D printing product series, including TPU/Nylon/UV-Curable powder/filament/resin for SLS/SLM/FDM/FFF/SLA/DLP, with customized technical solutions, help thoughts set free.
We expect to understand the needs and strategic direction from our customers, and we will continue to work closely with every customer. For more information about our innovative materials solutions and the markets we serve, please visit Wanhua Chemical at S14167, or feel free write us at polymer@whchem.com.
Performance Material Business Unit of Wanhua Chemical  –Reliable Performance Material Expert
Belonging to functional solution business category of Wanhua Chemical, Performance Material Business Unit devotes to providing Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), Polycarbonate (PC), and Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA).
▨ TPU: As the world’s leading TPU supplier, products are widely applied in footwear, hose & tube, wire & cable, engineering, civilian goods, construction, automotive, medical, 3C and adhesives, etc.
▨ PC: Develop PC by phosgenation process - interfacial polycondensation independently, with all of its proprietary intellectual property and manufacturing technology, Wanhua Chemical supplies PC resin and PC compounding products for automotive, electronics and electrical appliances, home appliances, film & sheet, optics, medical, and consumer goods, etc.
▨ PMMA:  Originated from integrated MMA industrial chain, based on leading functional material R&D platform, Wanhua Chemical supplies PMMA resin and PMMA compounding for automotive, liquid crystal display(LCD), electronics and electrical appliances, consumer goods, etc.
Performance Material Business Unit of Wanhua Chemical is committed to providing valuable, innovative and tailored comprehensive solutions by its continuous technology innovation, reliable & qualified products, and professional service. We create a wonderful future together with you.